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There are, of course, many tricks of the trade that we use when providing professional resume writing services to clients. At all times, but especially now when the job market is so competitive, it is essential that your resume be absolutely standout to get you attention and win you interviews ahead of your competition (other job seekers). The truth is, that in a sea of mediocre resumes, if your presentation is just average too, even if you are the best and most qualified candidate, you may never even get the chance to interview simply because your submission never even gets read. We put together this video on how-to write a resume that gets results, outlining the five essential elements that every resume needs to give it a competitive edge:

In summary, the five essential elements to develop a standout resume, as described in our video tips, are:

Tip #1 – Clearly communicate the target and focus for your job search.

Tip #2 – Incorporate content that makes it clear that you both understand and have the ability to meet the employer’s needs.

Tip #3 – Use industry-and profession-relevant keywords and phrases.

Tip #4 – Brand your entire presentation with content that sets you apart from other applicants.

Tip #5 – Focus on accomplishments and the results you have produced for past employers.

Still need help with your resume?  Contact us today for a quote to have your resume professionally written. While you may never have considered hiring a writer to help you market yourself during your job search, more and more professionals are realizing that to do so is an investment that pays off big time, helping them to get back to work far more quickly and often at a higher salary than they would have achieved on their own. It would be our honor to work with you!


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