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Hi and welcome back! This is Michelle Dumas, founder and executive director of Distinctive Career Services LLC – the Internet’s premiere resume writing and career marketing specialists.

You are listening to the fifth and final audio in my seminar series: Revive Your Resume: A Simple 5-Step System to Dramatically Improve Your Resume Results.

Today’s step is Step #5 Generate Extraordinary Results – Magical Finishing Touches for Your Resume

Throughout this program we have talked about some crucial elements and techniques essential for an excellent resume: establishing a strong focus, communicating your value proposition, formatting your resume in the most advantageous way, and writing your content to emphasize Challenge-Action-Result success stories. Now, I want to tell you how to put the finishing touches on your resume, to ensure that it draws optimum results.

First, let’s talk about one of the most controversial topics in resume writing: How long should your resume be? Right off the bat, let’s get one thing out of the way. Very frankly, I don’t know who ever made up the foolish rule that your resume could only be one page. This is simply untrue and is definitely outdated advice.

101 Resume Examples

The decision about how long your resume should depend simply on what you have to sell and how much space you need to sell it. For certain, use only as many pages necessary to convince the reader that you are an ideal candidate. Every word and every element in your resume should have a purpose. But don’t leave out key selling points and compelling achievements for the sake of keeping your resume on one page That’s a horrible idea and is one that could cost you an interview.

As a rule of thumb, two pages are generally accepted and expected for an experienced professional. Three and in a very few cases more pages are sometimes necessary to provide the depth of information expected from an executive candidate or those in technical professions. One page is generally more appropriate for those with say five or less years of experience, sometimes for administrative or blue collar positions, and sometimes for career changers.

Next, let’s talk about keywords. If this is the first time you have heard about using keywords in a resume, I urge you to listen very carefully. Having the correct keywords in your resume can actually make ALL the difference in whether your resume ever even gets read by a human. With the almost universal use by employers and recruiters of electronic applicant tracking systems and the internet in searching for candidates, keywords and keyword phrases have become a critical part of resumes. Keywords are typically nouns and noun phrases that employers will use when searching a database for a person with your qualifications. You need to make certain that your resume is loaded with the right keywords to ensure that your resume is pulled to the forefront during these searches. Until it makes it through the keyword process, in many cases, a human will never even see your resume. So, my request to you is to take out a piece of paper right now and to brainstorm all of the possible keywords that someone may use in trying to find a candidate with your talents and qualifications. Now go back to your resume and make sure these keywords are incorporated throughout the text of your resume.

And now, a word about details. Your resume absolutely must be meticulously proofed and error free. Errors seriously detract from the quality, detail-focused image that you must exude in your job search. Even once you think your resume is perfect, I recommend having someone else proof it. It is really difficult to find errors in your own work, and I guarantee that another reviewer will find errors that need to be corrected.

And finally, design and appearance. The appearance of your resume should be absolutely professional and designed using classic design elements that enhance the visual appeal. You face tough competition in the job market and first impressions mean everything. If your resume does not catch immediate attention through an eye-catching design you will often lose the reader before they even get to the text. And, this doesn’t mean to go out and use a template to develop your resume. While it might be tempting, you should never use a template for your resume. Your resume must be uniquely designed to highlight your unique qualifications and to set you apart from other candidates.

If you have worked your way through this entire program, congratulations! Your resume must be immensely stronger than it was at the start! I sincerely hope you have found this program helpful and with you’re the best in your job search and your career.

If, after listening to this program you are considering hiring a professional resume writer, my team and I would be honored to work with you! Resume writers do more than just write resumes. My team and I will help you refine and really nail down your value proposition and personal branding statement. We will help you assess your past experience, dig for accomplishments and results, and objectively select the content that will best support your value proposition and brand. We write letters, biographies, networking resumes, and many other career marketing tools. Hiring us to work with you in creating your portfolio of personal marketing documents is an investment that can often pay you back thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars. While no resume can get you the job, the best resumes will get you in front of hiring authorities dramatically faster, speeding your job search and career progression, and in many cases, enabling you to command increased compensation for your work because of the impeccable, branded professional image you are conveying and the documented proof of the value you have to deliver. So please, if you are interested, take a moment to contact us. You can reach us through out websites at or or toll free at 800-644-9694 Thank you so much for listening and I look forward for the opportunity to get to know you better in the future.