Resume Help That Will Transform Your Resume To Generate Top Results

As an expert in the employment services field, every day I speak to job seekers who are frustrated with the results of their job search and are seeking professional resume help.

Resume Help That Makes a Difference

Virtually all of these job seekers have written a resume themselves and have been using it in the job market. But when their phone doesn’t ring and they get passed over for what they believed were the perfect jobs for them, they begin to worry that their presentation is at fault.

By the time these job seekers contact us, they know they need resume help, but they are often skeptical about whether or not a rewrite would truly make that much of a difference in their job search results.

While your resume is a tool, and like any tool it must be used in effective ways to produce the results you are looking for, the truth is that a powerful, branded, accomplishment-focused resume will almost always produce a remarkably positive difference in your job search.

Your resume isn’t just a piece of paper. It is an essential marketing document that has the power to propel your career forward (if well-written and compelling) or bring it to a standstill (if it is poorly written and boring).

Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?

If you were launching a new product with multimillion-dollar potential, would you “wing it” with questionable marketing materials?

Sadly, that is what many people do with their own careers, needlessly struggling through long, costly, stressful job searches. Then, when they do finally land jobs, they are often below their true potential, all because they didn’t market themselves effectively.

This isn’t just marketing hype, either. This is reality! We’ve talked to countless prospective clients who have wasted ridiculous amounts of time and money using less-than-effective resumes in the job market.

Resume help delivers great value vs cost

Resume Help To Turn a New Corner

On the other hand, we hear almost daily from past clients with stories about how the new, highly professional and standout resume we wrote for them propelled their job searches to success, helping them to land the jobs that they most desired.

Throughout this blog, you will find many articles focused on providing resume help and advice to transform your own less-than-effective resume into a highly competitive marketing piece that will get you noticed and win you interviews.

Using before and after examples, we break down exactly what makes a resume compelling and effective and illustrate to you exactly how an investment in professional resume help could produce extraordinary returns for you.

A Case Study of Resume Help

In this first before resume example that our client wrote himself, you’ll notice a few good components. When this client came to us for resume help, we explained that while he was on the right track with this resume, including what appeared to be a fairly well-focused summary/profile section and an employment section that included accomplishments, there were still many opportunities for improvement.

Consulting with him, we realized that his resume wasn’t as well-focused as we originally thought, and employers may be passing him over because they didn’t realize he was actually the perfect candidate for the executive positions he was pursuing.

More crucially, this executive candidate had produced significant value and results in his past positions, and these contributions were only being superficially mentioned in his resume. His value proposition simply was NOT being conveyed.

Resume Example Before Resume Help

Resume example before professional resume help

In our after resume example (just a short snippet of the actual document), the impact that professional resume help can make, is clear!

Resume Example After Professional Resume Help

Resume example after professional resume help

We’ve rewritten the resume summary section to ensure that his focus — his industry specialty, functional expertise, and professional level — are all immediately identifiable.

His primary value proposition and branding are unmistakable. We also front-loaded his resume with many of the most important keywords, to ensure that his resume is called up into the top results in any recruiter searches.

But, the greatest impact of our professional resume help can be seen in the experience section. We’ve completely transformed this section to tell a success story of challenges faced, actions taken, and quantifiable results produced. This candidate had a true talent for solving problems and the track record to prove it.

The recipients of this new document now clearly understood this talent and couldn’t help but realize that if given a chance, this executive candidate would solve whatever problems they were facing in their own company, producing similarly positive results for them.

We welcome your feedback and would love to talk with you and show you how our professional resume help would transform and revamp your resume too! Just book a call for a free Discovery Consultation.

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