How Asking For Resume Help Is Cheaper Than You Thought (and Why You Can’t Afford Not To Get Help!)

Ego is a funny thing. It is the foundation of our self-esteem upon which we build our competence and ability to meet, if not exceed expectations.  But, ego can also cloud our judgment, diminish our objectivity, and, ultimately, distort our decision making.

Whether unemployed and looking for work or simply to change jobs, ego can have both positive and negative effects on our efforts.

Confidence is, of course, essential when looking for work. Hubris, on the other hand, is not.

Take, for example, your resume.

You’ve probably written, edited, modified, updated, and edited and modified it again. Over the years, you’ve come up with a document that you feel “sort of” okay about, one that really doesn’t need much more than a tweak in your next job search.

Or so you tell yourself.

That, my friend, is your ego talking.

Have you ever thought about hiring a professional resume writer?

Resume WritingYou may be shaking your head, ready to move on to some other task because you’re sure what we’re about to share with you doesn’t really apply to you or that “great” resume you’ve got on your computer desktop.

Did you know, however, that your resume is 40 percent more likely to get you noticed and generate you interviews when written by a professional?

Humor us for a just a bit.

If you are unemployed, underemployed or just unhappily employed, standing out among dozens, if not hundreds, of highly qualified individuals seeking the same jobs as you can create a substantial barrier to your plans for an adjustment to (or advancement in) your career.

No matter how experienced you are, no matter how “perfect” you might be for a particular job opening, your chances of landing that job are virtually nonexistent if your resume doesn’t make it past the first review stage.

And if your resume doesn’t incorporate the latest formatting and highlight those things on which employers now focus when evaluating job applicants, you can count on your resume never making it to the “call for interview” pile.

You’re still not convinced that hiring professional resume help would result in a document superior to what you can produce?

Or, perhaps you just don’t think you can afford to have your resume crafted by a professional.

Believe it or not, you can’t afford NOT to.

In fact, the greater the level of competition for jobs, the greater the potential return on your investment in a professionally written resume.

Here’s why.  Looking for a job is not only a job in and of itself, it’s expensive.

It’s estimated that a job search can cost a job seeker as much as $15,000.

If you are unemployed, it’s possible to calculate the cost in lost wages for each day you remain without a job.  In fact, it’s quite simple.  There are approximately 250 working days per year.  If your most recent job (or the one you’re pursuing) pays, for example, $75,000 per year, then you will lose $300.00 per day for each day you remain unemployed ($75,000/250=$300.00). 

If, rather than being unemployed you are underemployed, then each day you remain in a job that pays you less than your target income costs you money.  For example, say you make $70,000 per year but you should be making $90,000.  For each day you remain underemployed, you are losing $80.00 ($20,000/250 days =$80.00 per day).

Now that you know how to calculate how much each day of unemployment/underemployment can cost you, are you still confident that you can’t afford professional resume writing?

How many days of reduced wages is it worth to save a little money?

If professional resume writing reduces your job search period by even just one week, how much extra money would you earn?

Let’s assume that money is no object for you, that these calculations really don’t move you because a few hundred or even few thousand dollars don’t, at the end of the day, mean that much to you (if so, we want your job when you leave!).

There’s no reason for hiring a professional resume help then, right?

Um, not so fast.

Remember that we started this discussion of the topic referring to ego?

While you may be incredibly competent in your chosen career, it doesn’t mean you are automatically proficient in everything else.

Nor, with all due respect, are you necessarily the most objective person when it comes to you. Having your resume written by someone highly qualified in that line of work will ensure that your resume doesn’t appear dated (in either form or content) and also doesn’t read like an exercise in self-aggrandizement. You want prospective employers to focus on your qualifications. Don’t hide them in puffery.

Let’s talk and see if our services at Distinctive Career Services can help you. Book a free consultation today to learn more and get all your questions answered.

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