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Using attractive resume design to create eye appeal and win a competitive edge over the job market competition is a trick of the trade that many professional resume writers use to the advantage of their clients. In a stack of hundreds of resumes, your resume design can make all the difference in whether your resume gets noticed or not. Then, once it gets noticed, your resume design creates the very first impression that the employer forms of you. And, after all, you never get a second chance to create a first impression.

It has been written that when you have a message to convey and a first impression to make, only 30% of that message is conveyed by words, the other 70% is conveyed by the visual. Improving the visual appeal of your resume make a huge difference on the speed and success of your job search. As shown in this sample sales resume, using charts and graphs in your resume, if done tastefully, is an easy way to really ramp up the visual appeal of your resume. Here is an example that shows how a graph can be used in a resume to convey a list of numbers that might otherwise get lost in the text.

Resume Design Sample

Here is another resume design example, with a chart used to show the annual sales increases produced by a candidate. One of the primary things that employers look for, are employee-candidates who know how to make them money. If you can show them that you have a proven history of doing that, you gain an instant edge over your competition.

Example Resume Design

There are countless ways to include a chart within your resume. Here is another example of a chart that was used to illustrate sales results while really increasing the eye appeal.

Example Resume Design

A similar, but in many cases, even more powerful effect can be created using a graph with bars that show the sales increase, as shown in this example.

Sample of Resume Design

The bottom line: your resume design may just be one of the most important deciding factors in whether or not YOU get the interview over the hordes of other job seekers. Resume design creates a first impression, and a first impression is often a lasting impression.  Experiment with ways that you can use charts and graphs in your resume. Or, consider contacting Distinctive Documents. As seen in the examples taken from resumes that we’ve written and designed, our team of professional resume writers can make an immense difference in the results that your resume produces.

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