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How-to Write a Resume that Differentiates You to Land a Job Fast No Matter What the Economy is Like

When unemployment is high and you find yourself in a competitive job market, it is easy to get discouraged. It is a fact that there are more and more people competing for fewer and fewer jobs. And, there is no doubt about it! In a time when it seems like few are hiring and you regularly hear about new lay offs, it can be challenging to even get motivated to start a job search, never mind successfully land a new job.

But, there are still jobs to be found! Companies are still hiring and job seekers are landing jobs on a daily basis. So, what are these newly hired employees doing that get them noticed and get them hired ahead of their competition in the job market? Many people call our resume writing firm wanting to know how to write a resume that will make things easier for them and speed up their job search. Can a resume really have that power? What are the people landing jobs doing differently?

The secret is a common sense one–the job seekers who are getting interviews and winning jobs have found a way to set themselves apart from the masses. How have they done that? Simple: they’ve “sold” their potential to deliver RESULTS rather than just their skills and baseline qualifications. In other words, they’ve communicated their ability to deliver desired VALUE and BENEFITS to the employer.

Your resume is your first introduction to many potential employers and so it must be written to differentiate you and set you apart by clearly illustrating that you have the ability to produce results, and to do so in a way that is more profitable than your competition.

Hiring authorities are not looking for job descriptions on your resume. Job descriptions simply tell the reader about the responsibilities of the positions you have held. To set yourself apart, your resume must tell the reader what you have accomplished–and more importantly, the value and benefits that those accomplishments have produced for past employers. If you have numbers (e.g., dollar figures, percentages, raw numbers, etc.) that illustrate the impact of your accomplishment, make sure you include them. It is an outdated mindset that your job-related skills are a selling point. In today’s competitive job market, it is essential that you know your value and be able to communicate exactly how you contributed to your past employer’s bottom line.

101 Resume Examples

During these tight economic times, everyone is talking money. Around kitchen tables everywhere, families are discussing how to SAVE money or how to MAKE money. The same is true in companies. It is important to recognize that as an employee, you are an investment. The hiring company invests in you with the expectation that you will produce returns on that investment. What types of returns? Most employers are seeking employees who have the proven ability to SOLVE a challenging problem, to help them MAKE money, to help them SAVE money, or to help them INCREASE efficiency. By communicating how you have delivered these results in the past, using numbers when you can to illustrate that actual return on investment you have delivered, you will easily set yourself apart from the masses of job seekers you are competing against.

Don’t let the high unemployment rate throw you into a panic. There are still new job openings that crop up every single day. Will you be the next person to get a good job? It’s all up to how you look at the situation. In short, you must change your focus to emphasize what is in it for the company. It’s not about what’s in it for you. It’s all about the company. What can you do for them? How can you solve their problem? How can you make money for them? In what ways can you save them money? How can you help them in these economic times? Emphasize and communicate how you can be an asset to the company, and you will be surprised how quickly you will see positive job search results. To see more of these ideas in practice, review the resume examples in our free online portfolio.