Time for Career Change

Q. How do I reposition my resume for a career change to do the same type of work but in a different industry?

Rewrite resume for career changeA. How to write a career change resume is a common question these days, as many people are still dealing with employers who are downsizing or closing, and the often related desire to move into a more secure career.  As you write your career change resume, I would encourage you to remember the four “Rs”. You have already mentioned one of them in your question. Reframe. Reposition. Reformat. Redesign.

Your actual solution will depend on whether you are targeting a specific new industry or if you are open to multiple industries. You didn’t specify, so I will assume that your goal is to broaden your resume, so that it no longer pigeon-holes you for a particular industry, but instead allows you to pursue a similar position across a variety of industries.

The easiest change to make is to go through your existing resume word-by-word and “neutralize” any language that is industry specific. You’ll want to reframe and reposition to describe your experience and achievements in terms that are industry transferable. You may want to reformat slightly, bringing industry transferable skills to the forefront and de-emphasizing or even removing industry-specific qualifications (such as training or certifications that relate to the industry you are leaving). Redesigning your resume may be helpful to take the visual emphasis off of company names that could pigeon-hole you as an industry specialist. Good luck! And as always, we are here to help if you need it. It may help to take a look at the many free resume examples included in our online portfolio and more specifically to review our example career change resume.