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We are national leaders and highly respected professional resume writing authorities with a proven 20-year track record helping job seekers like you land the jobs they most want! Absolutely dedicated to exceeding all your expectations, we provide you the best resume writing services available, renowned for our personalized service and superior quality services: top-rated resume writing, cover letter writing, LinkedIn profile writing, and more!

We’ll completely REVAMP your resume and REVITALIZE your job search. Working with us is fTop Rated Resume Writing Servicesast, easy, and affordable! 

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At Distinctive Documents we offer award-winning professional resume writing service that consistently generates TOP RESULTS. Balancing powerful, achievement-focused content with distinctive, eye-catching design, we GUARANTEE that your resume will get you noticed and get you interviews.

The job market has become increasingly competitive with the dramatic rise in downsizings, rightsizings, corporate reorganizations, off-shoring initiatives, and layoffs. With companies receiving up to 10,000 resumes monthly and recruiters receiving as many as 1,500 resumes for a single job opening, how will YOU stand out?

Will your resume stand out in the flood of paper and email? You have only 15 seconds to make the cut. Does your resume GRAB HOLD of the reader, COMMAND attention, and COMPEL a phone call? Does it rise to the top of the cut? Or does it fall flat, getting lost in the shuffle of your competition?

checkmark-bulletDo you feel FRUSTRATED by the lack of response when you send out your resume to recruiters, in response to ads, or directly to companies?

checkmark-bulletHas your phone sat IDLE, refusing to ring, even though you know you are the best qualified person for the job?

checkmark-bulletHave you WORRIED that your resume doesn’t quite stack up in comparison to that of your peers and competitors in the job market?

checkmark-bulletHave you had your ego clobbered by being PASSED OVER for key promotions that you were certain you had locked up?

checkmark-bulletHave you been invited to an interview only to STUMBLE and stutter UNCOMFORTABLY when asked to describe the value that you bring to the job?

Imagine what it would be like if you felt the utmost confidence in sending out your resume, knowing with absolute certainty that it would sell you as the PERFECT candidate for the job you are targeting?

How would your job search be different if you had top-notch tools and resources at your fingertips, empowering you to move forward with energy, drive, and commitment to a quick victory in your search?

Imagine if you actually had MULTIPLE job offers to choose from and if your resume was so successful in convincing employers of your value that you were offered salary packages HIGHER than anything you had dared hope for?

What would a new career opportunity mean to you?

Higher pay? … A better working environment? … Exciting new challenges? … A more rewarding and fulfilling professional life? …A major lifestyle change you have been dreaming about? …Well-earned recognition of your hard work all these years?

Many successful, upwardly mobile professionals have something in common. They recognize that at its core, a job search is marketing. They know that first impressions are VITAL and that they can NEVER regain a lost opportunity. They understand that the investment made in securing help from a career marketing expert is an investment that will pay rewards for life.

Don’t waste another day sending out an ineffective, less-than-competitive resume! You only have ONE CHANCE to make a first impression. Make it count!

At Distinctive Documents, over the past 20 years, through our top rated resume writing services, we have worked with THOUSANDS of professionals, managers, executives, and emerging executives, writing powerful, attention-grabbing resumes and creating aggressive, successful strategic marketing campaigns.

We are experts in providing the industry’s best professional resume writing service. As your PARTNER in the job search process, we will provide you with one-on-one, personalized assistance creating resumes, cover letters, and other career marketing documents that clearly and succinctly communicate your unique value and the benefits you offer in the workplace. We will provide you with practical support, establishing the foundation for your entire job search campaign and success in a market that grows ever-more competitive.

A minor investment in our services can be worth thousands and maybe tens of thousands of dollars by getting you in front of decision-makers faster and accelerating your progression on the ladder of your career. Our professional resume writing service will…

Resume Writing Service CheckmarkSave you both time and money, generating more phone calls, winning more interviews, and ultimately shortening your job search to land your dream job sooner.

check_markElevate your earnings potential and position you for rapid progression or challenging career change with personal marketing documents that paint a compelling picture of the proven return-on-investment you will bring to employers.

check_markDifferentiate you from your competition and make you stand out from the crowd, setting you above and ahead of others in your field and ensuring you are the top-of-mind choice for desirable positions and promotions.

check_markCreate a highly professional, polished first impression that captures attention while providing you with the confidence to reach higher than you ever before dreamed possible.

check_markMaximize your strengths and solve tough job search challenges, merchandising and selling your qualifications, achievements, successes, skills, and knowledge that position you as the perfect candidate for exactly the job you are seeking.

Our top rated resume writing service is highly individualized — tailored to meet your needs and empower you with all the tools and resources necessary to conduct a fast, efficient, and successful job search. At the same time, our pioneering method of working remotely, “meeting” with you by web conferencing, telephone, and email has enabled us to serve thousands of clients just like you all across the U.S. and worldwide. We have designed our processes specifically to make working with us easy and convenient for busy professionals.

Don’t waste another moment. You can never regain lost opportunities. Let us help you make the BEST possible first impression.

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