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Resume Writing & Job Search Services for NEW CLIENTS

Distinctive Documents is one of the longest-standing and most respected resume writing services firms on the internet. Since 1996, we’ve written powerful, job-winning resumes for thousands and thousands of professionals. We’ve given these clients a powerful edge in the job market. When you hire us for our resume writing services, we can do the same for you!

As your PARTNER in the job search process, we will provide you with one-on-one, personalized assistance creating resumes, cover letters, and other career marketing documents that clearly and succinctly communicate your unique value and the benefits you offer in the workplace. We will provide you with practical support, establishing the foundation for your entire job search campaign and success in a market that grows ever-more competitive.

PLEASE don’t be fooled by one of the many fly-by-night resume writing services popping up online to try to cash in on the ever-greater demand for help in the job search process. Many–if not most– of these providers have questionable credentials, limited experience, and produce low qualityineffective resumes. A “bargain” isn’t a bargain if a flawed resume prevents you from getting calls for the limited jobs available and needlessly extends your job search.

In comparison, Distinctive Documents has a proven track record spanning more than 20 years, resume writing credentials that are among the BEST in the industry, and we consistently produce resumes of the HIGHEST quality that produce SUPERB results.  Click here to learn more.

Resume Updating & Job Search Services for PAST, CURRENT & RETURNING CLIENTS

With 20 years of service to many thousands of clients all over the U.S. and the globe, one of the largest segments of our business is working with returning clients to help them keep their resumes up-to-date and current, and to provide career marketing support through every step of their careers. Our returning clients call on us to help them with craft customized and personalized letters for all their job search needs, to develop references sheets, biographies, and much more. If you are a returning client, it would be our pleasure to work with you again! If we have written your resume, you will find that we offer steep discounts on many of our services over the pricing offered to the general public. Just click here to learn more.

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