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Social media has become so integral a part of our everyday lives that it’s almost impossible to find anyone, grandparents included, who doesn’t communicate via at least one social networking site (SNS).  Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like led the charge (Facebook alone has approximately one billion users globally).  Those are just a few of the 400 or so social media sites that have been categorized globally.  Among the most recent additions to SNS is Google Plus, often referred to as Google+.  Internet Job Search

Google Plus was introduced in June of 2011 and has grown steadily since.  Similar in concept to Facebook, it offers features not seen prior in SNS.  The most popular feature is the Google+1 button, known also as Google Plus One.

Before we look at how to use Google Plus One in your internet job search, let’s examine Google Plus.  With the power of Google behind it, Google Plus One makes integration of your Google-based communication very simple.  Specifically, your Gmail contacts can be seamlessly transferred to Google Plus.  Surprising to many is the fact that when you communicate via Google Plus your message is saved to Gmail and vice-versa.  Google Plus is also much quicker than Facebook when it comes to loading pages.

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Of perhaps the greatest utility in any internet job search is ability to organize your communication and contacts.  Google Plus One is a platform that provides just that ability.  How?  By allowing you to organize your contacts by what are called “circles.”  These “circles” enable you to choose what information is shared with the members of each, affording you the opportunity to share information of one type with your friends and family members while sharing another type of information with your professional contacts, alumni association, volunteer organization and/or any other circle of people (i.e., group) you create.

So why is this important?  Because it allows you to disseminate information to a specific “audience” (or circle) based on content.  Unlike Facebook, your every post is not automatically sent out as a news feed to every one of your “friends”. You needn’t worry, therefore, that something you posted which your friends think is hilarious might be considered inappropriate by your professional contacts.

Your internet job search, then, can be enhanced by Google Plus if used intelligently.  As mentioned, what you send can be tailored to the composition of each circle you create.  There is, however, another feature of Google Plus that will help you remain relevant to your professional contacts or those who might be able to assist you in your internet job search.   You will find the Plus One button (+1) on numerous websites.  Similar to the Facebook Like button (or the general Share widget found on most sites),  this button enables you to share web content you find useful or interesting with your Google Plus contacts. In sharing such web content, you are, in essence, enhancing your gravitas, so to speak, by demonstrating your interest in/knowledge of subject matter that might be relevant to specific professional contacts.  Anything that establishes increased bona fides may enhance the possibility of a successful internet job search.

Add Google Plus One to your social media internet job search. Using all of it’s features wisely is sure to add up to positive results.

*Facebook does allow you prevent certain individual “friends” from receiving your News Feed/Status Update; however, this requires selecting each individual. If you have hundreds of friends, this can require a bit of work and not insignificant amount of hassle.