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vizibilityIn today’s almost staggeringly competitive marketplace, job seekers (or, for that matter, any professionals who care about their careers) should seek every tool available to market themselves.  Make no mistake, creating, promoting, and maintaining a personal brand identity is as much a part of marketing as any product or service advertising campaign.  If you’re unable or unwilling to maintain a vibrant online presence, one that is easily accessible and at least somewhat interactive, you will find it difficult to compete for jobs or bolster your professional bona fides.

More recently, it is mobile internet growth — the internet accessed through a smart phone, tablet, or laptop — that is making headlines. Suddenly job seekers also need to ensure that their online presence is packaged in a way that makes it accessible through the mobile internet

Marketing what you have on offer (i.e., your background, training, experience and skill set) requires you to present yourself in a way that is interesting, informative, and engaging.  Ideally, you want people to get to know who you are and what value you may be able to add to an organization or enterprise.  You also want them to come back from to time to see what’s new with you.  To accomplish this, you must refresh your online identity from time to time.

There are numerous online platforms that can assist you in your efforts, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and If used correctly, each of these modalities will increase your online presence.  In addition to these social media tools (among others) there is a relative newcomer on the social networking scene that will give you greater virtual visibility and allow you to package and share your mobile online identity.  Perhaps it shouldn’t surprise you that it’s called vizibility.   A vizibility account provides benefits to job seekers as well as professionals who want to advance their careers by providing an effective tool for packaging and promoting their online presence.

What is vizibility?  In short, it’s a modality that adds a Mobile Business Card to your social media toolbox.  Used to it’s full potential, your vizCard equips you with multiple features that can bolster your job search efforts and/or professional reputation.  The vizCard operates like a personalized, user-friendly website that provides key content and other information about you.

Accessible, on-demand from any smartphone (without an app!), your vizCard allows you to share personal QR codes and Microsoft Tag barcodes.  You can add your vizCard to your email signatures and online bios, thereby ensuring that your contact information is always current.

Other features offered by vizibility:

Common Connections™ permits visitors to your vizCard to see mutual Facebook and LinkedIn connections.

My Links allows you to share your social and professional links (e.g., profiles/bios, links, blogs, etc.).

Geo Tracking metrics allows you to find out visitors to your mobile business card.

Plus Notes for vizCard enable you to share current info such as date, time and location to ensure all information is accurate and up-to-date.

Custom branding.  Your vizCard is what you make of it:  Your graphics, your image, your brand.

Virtual Introductions are made possible because your professional network can easily introduce or refer you via your mobile business card.

Don’t be alarmed!  Be alerted instead by the real-time feature that alerts you via text messages or email each time someone visits your vizCard.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3.  A simple automated setup enables you to get started almost immediately.  If you prefer, Distinctive Documents will do it for you.