Are you tired of submitting resume after resume to jobs that you find on Internet sites and hearing nothing? This job search method is known to be one of the least effective, and no matter how you slice it, will not be very productive in helping you land a job. You need to be more proactive in your job search and use more effective tactics if you want to land a new job quickly.

Passive Job Search Tactics Do Not Work

  • Many of the jobs posted on Internet databases are already awarded to internal candidates. They are only posted to satisfy legal requirements or a company policy.
  • Human resource departments have very little time to process the shear volume of resumes they receive. Your resume may never even be seen in the deluge.

To conduct an effective and productive job search, you need to be more active in your search strategy and tactics. Set goals for yourself and make a commitment to take action daily. These action items will help you to succeed.

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Develop Your Employment Profile

  • No one is going to hire someone who just wants any job. Take whatever time is necessary to define the focus of your job search. This is essential.
  • You need to identify the skills that you have and how those skills can add value to an employer.
  • Focus on the roles and positions where you feel you could really contribute.

Identify Potential Employers

  • Once you define what you can offer to a company, you can start to identify specific companies in your region that you want to work for.
  • A simple Internet search can get you started. For example, if you are interested in working at a marketing agency, you can search the web for marketing agencies near your zip code.
  • You should also look at local business journals. They often publish news about the best companies to work for in your region.
  • You want to start with a list of twenty companies that you might be interested in and keep growing that list.

Develop Your Marketing Strategy and Accompanying Documents

  • It may help to understand your job search as a marketing campaign. You are marketing yourself to the employers in your regions.
  • Create documents such as cover letters and resumes with this idea in mind. Better yet, have a professional resume writer like Distinctive Documents prepare them for you.
  • Don’t just list your past responsibilities in your resume. Instead emphasize your top achievements and highlight the qualifications that will interest your targeted employers.
  • Make sure that your social media presence is aligned with your job search goals.

Build a Network

  • Your main goal is to find out about jobs before they are posted publicly. You want an inside track to get interviews.
  • Start by asking friends and family if they know anyone in the field that your are interested in or in one of the companies that you would like to target.
  • At first, you are asking for an introduction so that you can conduct an informational interview and simply expand your own network. You are not looking for jobs.
  • By establishing a network of professional connections in the right way, you will eventually meet people in your target companies. Ideally, you will make a connection with someone who will want to see you working at their company.
  • In this way, you can hear about available jobs before they are publicly posted.

Follow Up

  • This is critical to your job search. You want to make sure that you are following up with your contacts.
  • Use thank you notes and social media to stay connected to your network.
  • You can also offer to help your contacts in any way you can. Volunteer some time, pass along valuable information or make a connection for them in order to make your networking a two-way street.

These actions points will transform your job search. If you pursue them consistently, you will soon land a position that you will enjoy at a company that you like.