We’ve tried to provide you with a huge amount of information about our resume preparation services on this website, so let’s back up and simplify things for you. Step-by-step, here is how we can begin working together today:


We are happy to call you for a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your unique needs, answer all your questions, and determine together if we are a good fit to work together. If you would like to book a consultation, you may do so here. During the consultation, if you wish, we will provide you with a quote and a recommendation of services that we believe will best meet your needs.

Alternately, if you know for certain you want to work with us and wish to skip the consultation, we have made it easy for you to book your project directly and immediately. Just follow this link to review pricing and book your project.


Familiarize yourself with our terms of service and then book your project using our 24/7 online order system. When your order is placed, you will immediately be directed to a page with instructions for downloading our career insights worksheet which includes instructions for you to gather the information we need to complete your project. You will also receive a receipt for your project via email and a welcome email from me with more instructions and information. Our career insights worksheet is crucial for our work, so please complete it as soon as possible.


As soon as your career insights worksheet is complete, email it to us. Some clients complete it and return it the same day they get it. Others take a few days or even a few weeks. As soon as we receive it from you, we will immediately schedule your project. It is at this stage that we assign a primary writer for your project–a decision that takes a variety of factors into consideration. We will get back in touch with you to introduce you to your writer and provide the exact date you can expect your proof (our turnaround is generally about 15 business days) – along with the direct telephone lines and email addresses you will need to reach us  while we are working on your project.


We will reach out to you (by phone and/or email), so that we start to get to know you better and ensure that we have a full understanding of your needs while we work on your project. Your project includes up to one hour of telephone time as necessary. Your writer will often have additional questions for you and will schedule a telephone consultation with you. For routine questions, because it is easier for most people, we often use email. If you ever wish to speak to your writer, feel free to pick up the phone and give them a call (we will give you their direct telephone number).


We will email you the proofs of your documents within 15 business days and give you a chance to thoroughly review them. Then, we will be available to work with you (by phone or email) to make any corrections or refinements necessary to obtain your complete 100% satisfaction. Our agreement allows up to three revision sessions within a period of 15 business days (3 weeks), if you need them.


Once we receive your written (via email) approval of the proofs, we will convert the documents into the various final formats (Word, PDF, and ASCII) and provide them to you. Now it is time to get results!


Our relationship doesn’t end there! Many clients have us assist with sending their resume to recruiters, jumpstarting their LinkedIn presence, or providing assistance through coaching in select areas such as interviewing, networking, and salary negotiations. We also know you are going to be blown away by the quality of our work and the results you get from your new resume. Because of that, many of our clients have been with us through every step of their careers. We will be here for you in the future if we can help you with resume updates or anything else.