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Creating A Redirect Link

Long links and URLs tend get broken up in email and look less professional than a nice short link going through your own domain.

Once you have your the link you want to redirect, (length doesn’t matter) you can now redirect them so instead of looking like a big long mess of numbers and letters.

What link would you rather click?




There are a few options to make your link shorter. One is to use a service like http://tinyurl.com. I don’t recommend them because it doesn’t build credibility and it makes you look like a spammer.

I recommend you redirect your own links through your own website . It looks more professional and you’ll have more control over your links.

One method is using a simple javascript redirect.

Don’t worry – it’s very easy-to-do and doesn’t require any programming language.

Here’s how to build your redirect link so it points through your website:

  1. Create a new blank page on your website.
  2. Name the page whatever you’d like. For example yourdomain.com/resumeservices/.
  3. Delete any HTML your web page editor automatically inserts into the page. Then insert the following new html into your html document:
— START HTML —<html>
<meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0;url=

That’s it! Easy wasn’t it. If you have trouble what-so-ever please email me at affiliates (at) distinctiveweb (dot) com.

Another preferred option is to have Distinctive Career Services create you a custom affiliate link.

Here’s how to have us build you a custom redirect link using your affiliate code

We are happy to help you with this! Again, let me ask you the same question. Which link would you rather click?




If you want us to create a link like this for you, just email us at affiliates (at) distinctiveweb (dot) com. and let us know.


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