March 19, 2015

Media Contacts:
Ken Diamond

Michelle Dumas
800-644-9694 Teams with Michelle Dumas of Distinctive Career Services to offer Innovative Career Tools to Career Professionals


Ken Diamond, CEO and founder of online career tools, has announced an alliance with Nationally Certified Resume Writer and career marketing expert Michelle Dumas to market WinTheView™ (WTV) tools to resume writers, career coaching professionals and branding specialists.

“Since 2010, I have offered WinTheView tools to virtually all of my professional, management, and executive clients to help them gain a competitive edge in the job search process,” said Michelle. “Now I’m excited to be working with Ken to help other career professionals expand their services, increase revenues and scale their business, all while helping clients succeed.”

WTV is a unique suite of online career advancement tools for building interview presentations, video “elevator” pitches, career success stories, follow-up letters and online portfolios. Ken Diamond developed WTV after using the concept to catapult hundreds of his clients to interview success. Particularly powerful is the highly-effective, step-by-step interview preparation process that results in the creation of a customized presentation document that creatively communicates the candidate’s unique value proposition. The PDF may be printed for use as a discussion guide during the interview or as a memorable leave-behind for the interview team.

This spring, WTV is launching new functionality and design that will improve the user experience significantly – as well as introducing special pricing for members of career professional associations. Michelle will highlight the new features and discuss options for career professionals to monetize the tools in their businesses at a series of upcoming webinars.

Michelle Dumas is the founder and Executive Director of Distinctive Career Services LLC, one of the Internet’s leading resume development firms. Since 1996, Michelle has empowered thousands of executives, professionals, and managers all across the U.S. and worldwide through her work with Distinctive Documents and Executive VIP Services. Michelle is also a current Director representing experienced business owners on the Board of The National Resume Writers Association. founder Ken Diamond is also founder and President of Digital Action, Inc. /, an award winning executive search firm specializing in recruiting top talent in healthcare, digital communications, information technology, pharmaceutical and medical imaging industries.

For more information, please contact Ken Diamond at 215-948-3722 or Michelle Dumas at 800-644-9694.