If you are a customer or frequent visitor to the Distinctive Documents website, you probably noticed that our distinctiveweb.com website went through a dramatic transformation this past weekend.  We’ve been working on this new site for nearly six months and are really proud of it. It includes many new features that will allow us to interact with visitors to the site and our blog is integrated right into the design. More importantly, we’ve included more information than ever and have rolled out a new navigation scheme that will make it easier for you than ever to find the information you are looking for. We hope you like it and would love to hear your feedback and suggestions.

Our site has undergone a number of redesigns since we first launched. The original site that rolled out in 1996 was actually hand-coded HTML and was hosted on AOL-provided web space rather than our own domain (remember–those were the very early days of the web!). In 1997, we launched the first website on our own domain (distinctiveweb.com). Even though I directly created each of these sites, I couldn’t remember what they looked like, so I thought it would be fun to visit the Internet Archive Wayback Machine to remind myself.

Wow! Things have truly changed over the years–and definitely for the better. Here are some screenshots showing how our site has changed over the years.

April 15, 1997

New Site DesignNew Site Design 1

January 14, 1998

New Site DesignNew Site Design 2

February 29, 2000

New Site Design 3

January 5, 2001

New Site Design 4

January 30, 2003

New Site Design 5

And finally….July 14, 2010!

New Site Design 6