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Job Search Techniques

Timeless Tips To Find a Job Quickly

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Trying to find a job, as we've always advised you on this blog, is a job in itself. Job searching take time and effort--sometimes a great deal of time and effort. Much has changed throughout the years regarding the actual techniques of job searching, but much also remains the same. Here are several tips that

What You Must Know About Recruiters When Job Searching

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Unemployment.  Under-employment.  These terms are used frequently these days, often in the context of illustrating that economic recovery remains slow and that many highly qualified individuals continue to be out of work or in jobs that do not allow them to fully utilize their education, background, and training.  Looking to acquire a job or change

12 Ways to Use the Telephone More Effectively In Your Job Search

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Job seekers frequently suffer from telephone phobia. Knowing how and using the telephone effectively during your job search will make help keep your search moving forward efficiently and productively, ultimately helping you to land a new job faster and more successfully. Out of intimidation, shyness, or a fear of rejection many job seekers will try

7 Smart Tips to Improve Your Results When Responding to Advertised Job Openings

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Answering advertised job openings is one of the least effective yet most frequently used methods of job searching. Nearly everyone looking for a new job reads the want ads in their local newspaper and on the internet. Those who are particularly savvy often look for advertised job openings on industry niche websites or in trade

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