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Email Etiquette Mistakes That Are Costing You The Job Offer

Looking for work can itself feel like a full-time job.  Gone are the days when one only had to review the classified ads, call for an appointment or simply just

Tips To Make Yourself More Visible To Recruiters On LinkedIn

Once upon a time, you could reasonably expect to find decent job opportunities by searching through the classified ads of your city's daily newspaper (yes, people did that).  Today, not so

Your LinkedIn Profile Photo: Why You Need One & How To Choose One

"You never get a second chance to make a first impression". We've all heard the expression and, although it's generally true, there are times when that first impression doesn't necessarily determine

Where Recruiters Are Looking For You: Why Maintaining An Online Presence Is No Longer Optional

Recruiters.  Many employers use them, rely on them, depend on them to source the best available candidates for job openings.  Of course, those seeking career advancement count on recruiters as

How Recruiters Use Social Media In Making Recruiting & Hiring Decisions

"It's a small world". A simple phrase the reflects the reality of life in the age of the Internet and social media. In fact, the proliferation of social networking sites (SNS) has essentially

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