You can read it in 100 books and on 1000 websites, but actually seeing a resume writing tip illustrated in a real example can make all the difference when you are trying to prepare your own resume for a job search. I’ve just published this new video presentation explaining and actually illustrating 7 essential elements for writing a powerful and compelling resume that will get attention in a crowded job market that is more competitive than ever. You can stay ahead of your competition by incorporating these elements in your resume. Many of the tips are demonstrated using examples of resumes that we’ve written for real clients.

What are these 7 resume essentials? Summarized very succinctly, they include:

    1. Create an employer-centered summary of qualifications for your resume (focus on what you have to offer the employer, not what you want from them)
    2. Write your resume with your ideal job in mind (your resume should be focused and targeted toward a particular type of job)
    3. Brand your summary of qualifications and the content of your resume with the factors that differentiate you (much of your competition will have training and experience that is similar to your training and experience – mention that you have it too, but emphasize the factors that set you apart and make you unique)

    1. Infuse your entire resume with achievements (emphasize achievements rather than responsibilities)
    2. Don’t stop with the achievement–always include the results or benefits of the achievement (whenever you can, quantify those results and benefits)
    3. Focus only on the relevant data in your resume and structure your resume to emphasize the highest priority data (you don’t need to include EVERYTHING in your resume–leave out the irrelevant data)
    4. Create an eye-catching design that showcases your background in the best light (never, ever use a resume template)

101 Resume Examples