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Iphone Apps & Your Job SearchTechnology.  We’re constantly told how technology makes our lives simpler, this as we juggle our smartphone and tablet, maintain relationships using social networking sites, manage our work on the office computer, integrate our laptop with our personal portable devices and basically just try to keep everything straight and hope we don’t forget any of the technological wonders that “simplify” our lives; if we do forget that phone, tablet or other PDA, well, it only seems to complicate things.

Of course, technology really isn’t a hassle.  It provides us with tools that organize our days and bring the world to our fingertips.  Apple’s iPhone is one such device, considered by many to be the ultimate portable data and communications device, especially for something that requires constant attention such as, for example, a job search.

With unemployment still hovering over 8 percent and more qualified candidates out of work or looking for different work than we’ve seen in decades, any available tool that enables you to take advantage of the way recruiters and employers source and hire is something you should use to it’s maximum capacity.  There are many iPhone apps that are helpful for your job search.  Here are some of the more effective ones:

  • LinkUp:  This job search app enables you to search employment opportunities nationwide in one online format.  Because this app streamlines the process, you can devote your time and energy into the actual job application itself rather than simply trying to find relevant opportunities.
  • Craigslist:  This app essentially turns your phone into a mobile classified ads section, accessible wherever you are.  Job listings are merely a few strokes away.  You can cross off listings, circle the important ones and otherwise personalize your experience to meet your needs.  A must for the job seeker.
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  • Pocket Resume:  As its name suggests, this app enables you to create, maintain and distribute your resume using merely your iPhone (or iPad).  No additional word processing program is required as this program utilizes PDF rendering technology to do it’s magic.  No more having to wait until you’re at your computer.
  • Dropbox:  A simple yet invaluable tool that allows you to bring your files with you wherever you go.  Resumes, references, writing samples and any other documents that might serve you in a job search can be stored in this cloud utility, available for access not only by you but by anyone to whom you grant the requisite approval.  You can upload and share not only documents but photos, videos and presentations as well.

  • LinkedIn:  The largest professional social networking site (SNS).  LinkedIn for iPhone allows you to carry your professional network with you.  Access to your contacts and their information can be invaluable during a client meeting or an interview.  Of course, having it on your iPhone allows you to update your LinkedIn profile when needed.
  • My Jobs:  Job Search Organizer: It is what it is, literally.  A powerful yet simple tool that enables you to automate your job search, helping you find job openings, organize the information you find and schedule your action items.

  • Indeed:  A true job search tool, Indeed for iPhone is a comprehensive search engine that offers free access to countless jobs by accessing company websites and job boards.  It remembers recent searches and previews page displays.  A small app as it takes only 0.4 MB.

This is, of course, not an exhaustive list as tools such as Snagajob and Simply Hired are among numerous other offerings.  Rest assured, if you’re not using one or more of these tools in your job hunt, those competing for the same positions are.  Don’t be edged out.